Month: November 2018

  • Reddit Scrapper

    A Python-based tool that takes the subreddit name as Input and fetches and return the data in JSON format. Price: $109

  • Bitcointalk forum scrapper

    A tool in python that scrapers comments of famous Bitcoin forum and store stats like the number of comments along with the date. The data is then stored in the database. Price: $99

  • Crypto Coin Finder Bot

    A Python-based bot that searches coin on Bittrex and runs t to find the best coin. The script runs a few algorithms related to technical indicators and returns the best possible coin that matches the criteria. Click below to see the demo: Price: $119

  • CryptoSpread – Crypto Arbitrage tool

    CryptoSpread is a python based command line Crypto Arbitrage tool that let you find the best price of a coin across exchanges. It fetches data from Coinmarketcap and gives you a beautiful and presentable interface that can help you to decide where to buy the coin. Click below for the demo. Price: $109